on a mission to make you smile

What we do?
In our kitchen we create weekly cards.
To help you and others smile.
All cards are made with boomerang shapes.
Our boomerang is our smile.
We throw them on instagram and facebook.
Or you can buy them in our webshop.
For you to catch, smile and send on!

send smile by post

postcard shop

Our cards are sold in sets of 10 luxury postcards and include 10 sustainable kraft envelopes. They are printed on matt off-white biotope paper.

Anytime is thE right time to make someOnE sMile

Why we do it
A simple way to spread happiness is through kindness. Often expressed by a simple smile. It’s an easy and quick thing you can do as you move through daily life.


Smile and the world smiles back at you

Key ingredient
A  boomerang represents our smile
Each is handpainted and scanned
To use on every visual.
It’s a reminder for us to smile
What you give is what you get!
Let’s boomerang our smiles into the world

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and DON't worry, boomerangs
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