Kitchen of smiles

We forget to smile

Our lives now are likely busier than they ever have been before.

Many work minimum of 40 hours per week, and many people work a lot more.

Fit in your family life, cooking, having a social life and working out, there often just aren’t enough hours in the day.

Once in a while it’s good to get out of your daily doings, make me-time and pay a little attention to people around you. It’s time to re-connect. Smile!

Boomerang is our verb, it’s our action to make you smile​!

i boomerang
you boomerang
we aLl boomerang

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making of smiles at the kitchen

We make boomerangs.
These are our smiles
Let’s boomerang smiles into the world

What you give is what you get
Give a smile, get one back.

A smile a day will make your day.
Let’s multiply smiles
Small smile, huge impact.

on a mission to make you smile

A very simple way to spread more happiness in your own world is through kindness. Often expressed by a simple smile. It’s an easy and quick thing you can do as you move through your daily life.

But we sometimes forget about it.
In our kitchen we make smile-shaped-boomerangs.
We throw them out on instagram and facebook.
For you to catch and smile 
And for you to make others smile
Throw a boomerang at a stranger
Spread smiles, on and on and on…!

Ready to smile? Follow us:

Anytime is thE right time to make someOnE sMile

What you give is what you get.
Giving makes us happy.
So let’s boomerang our smiles into the world
and make it a friendlier place.
Small smile, huge impact.